[MEGHAN and EDEN are both wearing bikinis.]

MEGHAN: So Eden, we're almost finished. Did you have fun?

EDEN: [annoyed] No, not really!

M: Hmmm, that's weird… cuz I sure did.

E: Of course you did! I got hit with a million pies while you stayed 100% clean!

M: Yeah, I guess you're right. But remember, I deserved it.

E: How??

M: Don't forget, I've been doing these skits a lot longer than you. I've been hit with plenty of pies before. And now that I've paid my dues, I think it's only fair that I get to be the one throwing the pies. I mean, really, the whole "messy" thing is so beneath me now. I'm a bit more sophisticated these days. I hope you understand….

[As MEGHAN does her speech, the camera cuts to EDEN, looking unconvinced. A pie is handed to her off camera, and she takes it happily. As MEGHAN finishes her speech, EDEN taps her on the shoulder.]

M: [as she is tapped] Huh… What? [EDEN pies her.]

E: Now that's what you deserve!

M: Eden! I stick my neck out for you to get you this job, and THIS is how you repay me?

E: Yep! Just like this! [pies her again]

M: Well, I'll give you credit. It's nice to see you finally getting assertive. But I think you forgot one thing.

E: What's that?

M: I always get my revenge! [pies EDEN]

E: Hey! I thought this was the skit where I stayed clean!

M: Nope, that was the old script. See, in the new script, Eden goes, "What?" And then gets pied from off camera.

E: What?... [gets pied from off camera]

M: Exactly. Then it says, "Scenes turns into an all-out pie fight." [puts down script] Uh oh. [EDEN pies her.]

[Scene turns into an all-out pie fight, with MEGHAN and EDEN exchanging many many pies while improvising lines of dialogue between hits. Finally, they run out of pies.]

M: Well, good job there, rookie.

E: Thanks. You too. But how do we get cleaned up?

M: Usually they just write some kind of "water" joke into the script… [gets watered] Like that.

E: Well that's easy. [throws out her hands] Water! [Buckets of water are thrown on her.]

M: Just be careful you don't trigger any slime before the scene is over.

E: Slime? Why would they dump slime on us now?

M: I don't know, I guess it's funny… [gets slimed] To slime me after I've finally gotten myself cleaned off.

E: Wow, thanks for the tip.

M: Don't mention it.

E: I'll be extra careful not to say "I don't know" now. [gets slimed]

M: Eden, you really are a dumb blonde. But I love you anyway! [They hug.]

E: Aw…. I don't know what I'd do without you! [They both get slimed.]

M: This has been a Pie… [gets pied]

E: This has been a Pie In The Face… [gets pied]

M&E: [together] This has been a Pie In The Face Production! [They pie each other as the scene ends.]